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Machining isn't easy. When you do what we do, you get your hands dirty. You're constantly in motion - programming, loading, unloading, measuring, checking, listening, thinking, preparing for what comes next. Taking a print or model and making it into a working part that helps pull oil from the ground, helps a plane take flight, helps medicines be made, helps our country defend itself, helps industries move ahead - that is what we do, and we like to think we do it pretty well.

Machinists have been around for thousands of years. Even the Bible refers to the machinist Tubal-Cain, whom God gifted with a talent for making metal parts. In today's world, raw machining talent is only part of the equation. From CNC equipment to CAD/CAM software, computer driven technology allows us to develop programs and produce parts at a rate that would not otherwise be possible. We know though, that no computer can replace the artistry of a talented machinist - who uses technological advances to assist him, but can still hear when a part is being cut incorrectly, has the right touch with a set of micrometers, and knows just how far to push a machine and still turn out a good part.

At Engelbrecht Manufacturing we are blessed with a team of artisans. Talented machinists who take great pride in what they do. And we support their talents with the latest in training and technologies, allowing them to make parts better, faster, and more economically.

Engelbrecht Manufacturing is dedicated to the art of precision machining. From design to production and all stages in between. No, machining isn’t easy, but it is what we are all about. And we do it for you, our customer. Because when your parts leave our shop, we have the privilege of knowing that our work will go on to perform in ways and places that will ultimately benefit us all.


Bryan Engelbrecht of Engelbrecht Precision Manufacturing in Houston